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The lenses you choose have a big impact on how happy you will be with your eyewear.
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Like many others, you may be under the impression that all spectacle lenses are more or less the same. The truth is there is a lot more to lenses than meets the eye, with many of the benefits that can be built into them not visible at a glance.
The good news is that you don’t need to be an optical expert to become actively involved in selecting lenses that will benefit your vision, lifestyle and image.
Whilst our Optometrist will evaluate your visual needs to determine what type of vision correction your lenses need to provide, there are numerous other decisions you can make to enhance their day-to-day functionality.
Understanding the key features and benefits that can be built into your lenses will help you to confidently discuss with our staff those which are most important to you.

When it comes to your spectacle lenses, Optica will recommend the best options to suit your vision and lifestyle requirements. In general, lenses can be broadly categorised under two types:

Single vision lenses correct your near or distant field of vision for maximum optical clarity.

Bifocal lenses are crafted to correct more than one field of vision, using the top part of the lens for distant and the lower part of the lens for near.

Progressive lenses also correct more than one field of vision, but without the jarring line that divides the top and bottom of the lens. This provides a smoother transition between the near and far fields of focus.

Lens Features & Benefits

Terminology used by Optometrist

What this means for your lenses

Thin, light & flat

High Index Materials,—- Aspheric Designs

With the latest lens materials and lens designs your lenses will be thinner, flatter, lighter and more attractive, enabling you to choose the latest frame styles and wear them with confidence.

Additional Safety


Impact resistant materials offer a high degree of safety. These materials are particularly recommended for children and sporting activities.

Reduce surface—- reflections

Multi Coating, Anti-reflection Coating

An anti-reflection coating will minimise distracting reflections, improve your clarity of vision (particularly at night) and achieve a more attractive appearance.

Easy to clean

Multi Coating, Anti-reflection Coating

Smudge resistant technology available in some ant-reflection coatings means your glasses will look clearer for longer as they repel dust and fingerprints and they will be easier to clean.

Scratch resistance

Hard Coating

For improved durability, a double sided (on the front and back) anti-scratch coating will help to minimise scratches.

Comfortable vision in changing light

Transitions, Photochromic Lenses

Lenses are made from a special material that changes from clear indoors to tinted outdoors when harmful UV rays are present.

Protection from harmful UV rays

UV Protection, UV Multi Coating

Many lens materials and optional lens coatings guard against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

FogOptifog CoatingLenses are made from a special material that works in conjunction with an ‘Activator Fluid’ applied to the lenses in order to stop lenses from fogging up.
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