Eye Care For Children

The Eyes of a Child are Crucial in the Development of the Mind

Everywhere a child’s eyes look they’re seeing something for the first time. It’s up to you to make sure they are seeing everything as clearly and vividly as possible, especially when being educated.

Signs that your child needs to get their eyes checked:
● Rubbing their eyes
● Frequent headaches
● Squinting
● Holding objects or books unusually close or far away
● Excessive blinking
● Favoring one eye by covering it or turning their head
● Eyes that are not aligned or are not working together
● Red, swollen, or encrusted eyes
● Recurring sties or infections on eyelids

If you notice any of these signs with your children, Schedule an Eye Exam Now at an Optica Near You

Birth to 24 months: At 6 months or as recommended by your doctor
Toddlers: At 3 years old is generally a good time to come back for another test
6 and older: Before first grade and annually thereafter

Children are especially vulnerable to damaging UV rays because they typically spend longer amounts of time outdoors. If your child already wears eyeglasses, it would be best to get lenses that have UV protection to protect them. If they are not, it would be best to get them UV protected Sunglasses to wear.
If your Optometrist determines your child needs eyeglasses, we have a wide selection of glasses and frames designed specifically for kids and their active lifestyles, including protective eyewear lenses such as Polycarbonate lenses which are lightweight, impact- and scratch-resistant lenses perfectly suited for active kids (and active adults too).

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